There’s a reason for this story and I promise, I will get to it!

This story actually starts at 12 and 7th grade. I had a super crush on a boy that I just knew had no idea that I existed. When Valentine’s day came around I got him a card and in spite of my painfully shy demeanor I even signed it and shoved it into his locker. I can’t remember really but it seems like he thanked me for it later.

The next 4 years were random “run ins” with this boy and shy smiles from across the room, each reciprocated by the other. …then it happened at 15 and 10th grade the moment every young girl dreams of but is also terrified of. The question, “Will you go to Prom with me”? I remember this to this day because seriously, who doesn’t remember their first crush, their first date, their first kiss!? I felt like the room was spinning and I said “yes”, that is all, just “yes”. He said “cool” with a huge heart pounding smile and walked away.

Once my heart rate was back to semi normal and I could focus on moving my feet I went and sat down by my locker wondering what it the hell I just did. I said “yes”. My parents would never let me go on a date at 15! Where was I going to get a dress? Where was I going to get MONEY for a dress!? It didn’t matter, I would never be allowed to go anyway.

When I told my mom, she was against me going in a car with a boy (he was 16 and a junior). When I spilled my guts to her and told her about how I’d had a crush on this boy for 4 years and that he was funny, smart, handsome, popular, QB for the football team, etc… she was still strongly against it. …until I told her he had red hair. She did a complete 360. I know right at that moment she was picturing a dozen red headed grandkids running around her house and she was in heaven. Now remember, I was 15, none of that ever crossed MY mind.

Fast forward a few weeks to prom night. My date and I were double dating with another couple so the boys showed up together to pick me up, met my parents and headed out. (I am sure my mom had a bigger crush on my red headed date than I did!) Here’s where the story gets interesting (for me because I had no idea this was going to happen). At the end of my road we pulled over and the other boy got out and got into his own truck and drove off with his date. I’m sure you can imagine the kinds of things that were going through my brain just about then. Turns out my date didn’t have his drivers license yet!

Fast forward again to last night and the reason behind my story. I had a dream that I was back at work and we were having this huge party and it was for the boy I went to prom with when I was 15, only now we were all like 50, and we were celebrating him getting his drivers license! I literally woke up laughing!

This is a long post, if you’re interested in the rest of the story (the dress and how I got it, what happened when my dad found out I was in a car with a boy that didn’t have a drivers license and how the date went) comment or shoot me a message. I might even tell you about that first kiss.  😉


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