Playing the name game…

You did it! You gave your perfect baby a perfect name, until it’s not. …or is it?


As a new parent you understandably want to choose the best possible name for your little one. You might get a baby name book from your local book store or library, you may do a few google searches or you might just start writing down names and arranging them in various combinations.  There are a lot of different things that go through your mind as you begin the quest for the perfect combination of names that flow together like a beautiful melody.

You’ll go through your favorites and start narrowing them down most likely with some comments in favor of or against certain ones, for instance, “No, that was your ex girlfriends name”, “That was my horrid neighbors name when I was 9”, “That’s the name of a swine from a movie”, “I love that one it was your great grandmothers”, etc… Eventually you come up with the perfect combination.

You did it! You gave your perfect baby a perfect name, until it’s not. …or is it?

Jane is my middle name. It belonged to my great-grandmother before I was gifted with it. I actually like it, a lot, even after someone once called me Plain Jane. At first I was taken aback by that but after some thought, took it as a compliment. The name Jane is not just a name, it is a word with a fabulous definition: jane /jān/ noun US informal  1. a woman  I am Jane.

Now I know this is the most ridiculous thing ever, but what if later down the road you meet someone you loathe more than anything and guess what, they have the same name you gave your precious child. And all of a sudden it’s no longer perfect. This happened to me. The perfect name I was given that I love for a lot of reasons all of a sudden was taboo. In fact so much drama surrounded my name that my granddaughter (Jane was a strong consideration for her middle name) ended up with something different.

I still love my name even if no one else does. I am proud to have my great grandmothers name. I am proud to be a woman. I will use my middle name whenever I have the chance. Once you assign a name to someone it becomes part of them. It will develope a different personality based on who that person becomes as an individual. If you love a name enough to give it to your child, don’t undermine it later. ❤

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