Never trust flapping gums…

I guess there is another category here… the blogger.

You know the ones. Always talking for the sake of hearing their own voices.

There’s the rambler, who continually talks about random things in no logical order whatsoever. This person is generally harmless and in some cases can be very entertaining.

Then there’s the air head who repeats themselves over and over sometimes in the same words and sometimes saying the same thing in 14 different versions. Sometimes this person literally forgets that they “already said that” and sometimes they might think you didn’t understand them the first time, thus requiring them to repeat the message in several other formats to be on the safe side. Which really, just makes them look like an idiot.

You have your boaster, who is constantly bragging about something they have or can do better than anyone else. “My man and I have the best relationship and sex life”, 6 months later they’re filing for divorce. “I have an extremely high tolerance for pain”, complains constantly about their pain. “look at all my nice possessions, I have a lot of money”, on the verge of bankruptcy and foreclosure. I’ve always said, someone who brags that much about themselves is only trying to convince “themselves”.

Finally, that brings us to the gossiper, the worst of all of them. Continually talking about someone else’s business, family, job, finances, you name it they never run out of things to say about someone else and 98% of the time it’s negative and completely untrue. If this person is talking smack about someone else to you, think about what they must be saying to that person about you. Seriously. I’ve known people like this throughout my entire life and I always wondered what they thought they were gaining by doing this? My final conclusion to that question is: Nothing. They gain nothing. They do however lose, a lot. No one trusts this person because they have no integrity. Zero. None.

I guess there is another category here… the blogger. The blogger is the best of all of these “talker” types because, #1. we’re not actually talking. #2. We’re not in the habit of naming names and calling people out. #3. Speaking for myself only, a lot of my blog entries are solely based on my own personal observations and experiences. #4. If you’re reading this it is because you chose to. I haven’t forced you to “listen”. 😉

Have a fabulous day!



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