That’s mighty neighborly of you!

…but we don’t know our neighbors. Strange.

A few years ago our neighbor to the east started mowing our front lawn while we were at work or gone for the day. He got a new riding lawn mower and just decided that he liked cutting grass and we benefited from it. Of course I wanted to thank him in some way so we decided to start gifting him (and his wife) with gift cards to different restaurants with different ambiance and cuisine. This has worked out quite nicely for both of us. They like to experiment with new culinary experiences and we get our lawn mowed and even weed whacked now!

We have lived in this house for 14 years and don’t know any of our other neighbors. It’s really weird and kind of sad because this town we live in is small, population 1,287. Everyone is friendly enough and the community really pulls together when someone is in need but we don’t know our neighbors. Strange. 

I’m going to make it my mission this summer to get to know the rest of our block!


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