I Participated in the Purge, and I Liked it!

Do “The Purge” it will make you feel better.

I feel a lot lighter now, 113 Facebook Fake Friends and Family lighter. What prompted it? I’ve been thinking about getting rid of it altogether for a while but then I’d miss out on pictures and keeping up with family and people I talk to a lot. I did the next best thing, “The Purge” and I’m here to tell you, it feels wonderful!

Let’s start out with all the juvenile quizzes, sure they can be fun and a good time killer while you’re waiting in line or something, but come on… constant posting is embarrassing. This is even more obnoxious when the adults doing it complain about how hard they work and don’t have time for much else. It would be hilarious if it weren’t so damned sad. Grown adults acting like teenagers is a major annoyance to me and so called friends who only want to talk or hang out when they need something is something I’m done with. I know, I know… you can “unfollow” annoying people, but why would I want to do that and have them stalking me.

That’s another thing that irritates me, those who stalk you but never click “like” or make “comment”. People do this! True story… We’re in the grocery store and happened to run into some Facebook friends. Note: these people are on my Facebook because they are family members. Also, keep in mind that they talk smack about us behind our backs, and we know it. Where was I? Oh yeah, so we run into these people, and they act like we don’t know they talk about us and start a conversation. They ask questions they already know the answer to, then when you answer they say, “oh, yeah… I read that on Facebook”. Funny part is that you didn’t post that on Facebook, this information was buried deep in the conversation. Creepy AF if you ask me. Then when you ask them questions they blatantly lie to your face. Come on people, information like that doesn’t stay secret for long in this town. Wouldn’t want to ruin anyone’s perception of your great parenting, would you? News flash, that cat’s been out of the bag for something like 19 years. Sorry/not sorry.

That is why I deleted and blocked 113 “friends” from Facebook, too much negativity for me. I’m serious, 5 minutes talking to the above mentioned people was exhausting. Not one positive comment the entire time. A lot of “I hate” being spat out like a natural habit. I feel bad for kids that had to grow up in that environment, I truly do. More negativity is what the world needs, right? Can you sense my sarcasm? I read an article about how deleting Facebook was a positive thing for many people and made them happier… except for them missing out on the latest news, that made me laugh out loud. Everyone knows the “news” you get on Facebook is not even truth.

It feels good to be rid of it all that. I’ll keep my friends and family that care about us and have some common sense about them and be happy. I feel like a weight was lifted. Do you get annoyed or pissed off often when you scroll through Facebook? Do “The Purge” it will make you feel better.

Much love,

~ Jane