Do Your Own Research

I could tell you about the deep state and the cabal here but I will leave that to another time.

Everyone has an opinion. Everyone is entitled to that opinion. Unless, you’re a liberal. In that case everyone is entitled to an opinion until it’s not the same as theirs.

I find it funny, if not downright hilarious. I don’t care what the subject is, it doesn’t matter, all it takes is one person stating a difference and BOOM. Shit hits the fan. I have to admit that sometimes, I can’t help myself and have to make comment to amuse myself. It’s actually scary to see where the world is going and what kind of people exist in it. Don’t get me wrong, I’m interested in other people’s opinions and views, I know that I’m not right 100% of the time; no one is. Give me solid proof and a good reason and you may change my mind about something, who knows.

I have found that a lot of people shy away from free thinkers. Those who don’t watch main stream media and seek the truth. I’m one of those people. Believe it or not, there are sources out there that are more reliable than what they put on TV for the masses. Some MSM stations are worse than others, but they all distort the truth and some of them ignore it altogether. Yet, people follow them and believe every word, hook, line and sinker, without a second thought.

I would like to encourage you to step away from the television for a minute. Choose a topic you think could have a different story and research it for yourself. No, not Snopes, proven to be grotesquely misleading. Don’t look at one site, Do your research without limiting yourself to one political party. Keep your mind open. Personally, I like to find actual video clips of what people supposedly said. A lot of times they’ve been misquoted, sometimes they’ve said nothing even close to what was reported and sometimes, the information is correct. I’m one who wants to see and hear it for myself before I take stock in it.

Social media is not a good place to find out about world events. Why? Because too many memes are going around that are supposed to be funny and people take them as fact. The dumbing down of America, is what I call it and I’m pretty sure it’s not an accident. I could tell you about the deep state and the cabal here but I will leave that to another time.

Have a great weekend!

~ Jane