Get Out! Take a Break Already!

I don’t “need” anything from town, so I’ll probably get in trouble with impulse purchases but hey, his idea right?

Remember to take time for yourself, this time of year can be brutal on the mind, body and soul. I’m waking every day with new aches and pains and I know a lot of it stems from being cooped up in the house so much with little sunlight and frigid temperatures. Symptoms may be magnified by any other upheaval in your life, in my case, there’s been a couple of bumps that amount to a mountain.

We tore out our kitchen down to the siding. Why we chose the middle of winter to do this, I have not a clue. I have a hole in the side of my house, because when you tear into a 119-year-old house you find damaged areas that need replaced. We get to the point where we’re down to studs and outside siding and of course the giant hole and guess what happens… We get an ice storm where my husband slips and lands on concrete steps breaking multiple ribs. Like we didn’t have a big enough party going on.

Our daughter came and helped board up the hole in the side of the house, lucky for us she’s good at carpentry work even though her real job is as a LMT. Here we are with our house boarded up, plastic sheeting separating our dining room from our gutted kitchen and a make-shift kitchen set up in the dining room. Let’s talk about the dining room. Where to start? The dining room was gutted as well but in it’s finishing stages. Sheet rocked, taped, sub floor down, basically ready for finish work and flooring. We must be crazy but when I want something done, I want it done.

The husband took 3 days off of work, much to my dismay. He has broken ribs for cripes’ sake, he should have taken a couple of weeks off! He is one tough man, I’ll give him that. I’ve been insisting he take my pickup to work, it’s a newer F-150 that drives like a car, as opposed to his old ’82 F-250 that resembles our kitchen. I won’t drive it unless it’s a dire emergency, but he loves it for work. It runs great with a brand-new engine, but that is where the “nice” stops.

You probably wonder where I’m going with this random rambling and how it relates to taking care of yourself. I’ve been cooped up in this house for 2 weeks taking care of an injured man and then without a vehicle. I love being home without distractions, but this time of the year is hard on me anyway since the kids have all grown and left the nest. My husband is a smart man, this morning he surprised me by taking his old beat up truck to work and instructed me that I was to get out of the house today, even if all I did was drive to the post office. That’s what got me to thinking, have I been a pain to live with? After careful consideration I decided that the answer is, YES.

Today will be ME day. I’m going to shower, do my hair for a change, put on some mascara and hit the town. Look out Wal-Mart, here I come!! This is harder than I thought, do I want to drive for an hour to hit up Wal-Mart? I do not, but I probably should make myself get out anyway, for his sake and mine. I don’t “need” anything from town, so I’ll probably get in trouble with impulse purchases but hey, his idea right?

~ Jane