Merry Christmas Eve to all and to me a refreshing nap!!

It’s 2:08 pm on December 24, Christmas Eve. I have nothing Christmas related to do, yet I have a hundred other tasks that need tended to. My husband gets off work today, at 3:00, so he’ll be home around 4:00. I wanted to have a the house cleaned when he got here, as I’ve been away for almost 3 weeks, and he knows how to make a mess. Sure, he does laundry. Washer, dryer, toss on to recliner until no more room is available, then start on filling the couch. He’ll do dishes too, as needed.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining at all. Cleaning up after one of my trips is a given that I am fully aware of at this point. It used to bother me, but not anymore. It’s the price I pay for taking vacations and trips. I’d make that trade any day! I’m not feeling it today, so I am procrastinating. My brain knows what needs to be done but my body is resisting with it’s every fiber.

God help me get some motivation mustered up, please. I’m feeling as lazy as the cat who is curled up in a ball at my side as I sit here wondering if I even have enough spirit in me to go to the bathroom. It’s bad. I should take a nap and hope I wake up with more ambition. Yeah, that’s what I should do, why not? We’re not getting company this year, and we’re not going anywhere either, so I can do what I want; right?

Merry Christmas Eve to all, and to me a refreshing nap!!

~ Jane